Experienced Doctor

Dr. Vikas Gawri has extensive experience in cosmetic surgery and hair transplant procedure. He offers a perfect blend of expert technology and quality service to the patients. They can have most natural results with minimal risk.

State of Art Infrastructure

Kyra Clinic is fully equipped with all the latest amenities. The clinic has been diligently planned keeping in mind all aspects of patient care. We thrive to provide excellent inpatient and outpatient facilities before, during and after the procedure.

Offering Real Value For Your Money

At Kyra clinic, all the quality procedures are done at competitive pricing. All the procedures are meant to provide real worth of money spent by the patients. All the procedures are performed in a way that they ensure high degree of customer satisfaction at a pocket friendly pricing.

Trained and Co-operative Staff

The staff at Kyra Clinic is well trained, cooperative, and friendly to ensure maximum level of patient comfort. The welcoming staff helps to alleviate the doubts and fears of the patients about the procedure.

Personalized Consultation

To help you understand the procedure closely and its expected results for your problem, we offer personalized consultation to all our patients. This helps in assessment of problem and direction of the planned treatment in accordance to that.

Optimum Results

All FUE hair transplant procedures done at KYRA clinic deliver natural results. The procedure is performed with minimum involvement of risks and use of most contemporary technology. This overall helps to enhance the rate of satisfaction and success in the patients.

Satisfied Patients

KYRA CLINIC has already performed extensive FUE hair transplant procedure for wide number of patients, both Indian and overseas. The fast healing approach of the procedure with minimized risks prompts a large number of patients to make KYRA HAIR TRANSPLANT as their preferred choice for hair transplant procedure.

Clinic with Hygienic, Relaxed, and Fresh Atmosphere

At KYRA CLINIC, the state of art infrastructure coupled with invigorating and hygienic ambiance ensures high level of patients' comfort. The clinic conforms to the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

We'll Make Sure You Get The Desired Results

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