Pre-Operative Instructions

Do's and Dont's for the Surgery

There are minor preparations that the patients need to make once scheduled for FUE hair transplant procedure. Preoperative instructions for the FUE transplant patients include:

- In the morning of the procedure, take a shower and wash your hair and scalp thoroughly with your regular shampoo. Do not apply gels, sprays, or any type of styling products.
- Wear loose and comfortable clothing that doesn’t need to be pulled on your head.
- Have a breakfast or lunch on the morning of the procedure.
- It is advised not to drink caffeinated beverages on the day of the procedure as it may interfere with bleeding and sensitivity to medications.
- You may feel drowsy due to anesthesia, so it is best to have somebody by your side who will drive you home after the procedure.
- It is important to know that after the procedure, you will go back home with your treated area covered with bandages. These bandages will be in place until the physician instructs you to have them removed after the shower.


When you arrive at Kyra Clinic for your scheduled FUE hair transplant surgery, the staff will begin by going over the activities for the day. The surgical consent is reviewed and paperwork is completed. Dr. Gawri will review the goals and answers the questions that you might have.

Sedatives, if required, can be given to help you relax before the start of the hair transplantation session. You can remain fully alert as you may like. Dr. Gawri will carefully re-draw the hairline in order to delineate the extent of the procedure. You will be offered to choose a movie to watch or choicest music tracks to listen to during the procedure to help you relax.

The team will extract the grafts from the donor site and then the donor area will be covered with antibiotic ointment and dressing. During the procedure, emphasis will be laid on minimize bleeding and pain.

After the grafts have been extracted, surgical team will use a fine instrument called ‘punch’ to create recipient sites. The creation of this site sets the angle at which hair will grow back. Once the recipient sites are created, grafts are then inserted.

At the end of the procedure, all the grafts are double checked. The postoperative instructions are explained. Bandage is applied to the treatment site and you will be given a date to followup after the procedure.


After the procedure, here are some instructions for the patients:

- You will be encouraged to sleep with your head elevated on pillows for the next few nights after the procedure. Medication may be given for sleep and pain, if required.
- You will be required to remove the headband and bandages as per surgeon’s instructions.
- Use of mild shampoo is recommended.
- Avoidance of alcohol and smoking is required for speedy healing.
- It is generally recommended that the patients can resume normal activates but they should refrain from any strenuous activity for about 10 days after the procedure.
- When out in strong sunlight, you should wear a hat or a sunscreen with SPF of 30+


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