If you are on the look to find the cost of hair transplant procedure, it is best to decide on the right hair transplant center so that you can reap best results from the procedure:

Take into account years Of Experience of the surgeon

Dr. Vikas Gawri at Kyra Clinic is board certified Plastic and Hair Transplant surgeon with special training both at national and international level in FUE hair Transplant. He is one of the first few board certified doctors who pioneered in using FUE technique in North India. The clinic has already accomplished 800+ FUE hair transplants which means transplanting more than 2 million grafts.


It is important to consider qualified doctor as their speed equates to their performance. At Kyra Clinic, qualified doctor and dedicated team can successfully extract more than 600-700 grafts per hour; which is one of the maximum in the world. The patients who wish to get their complete session of hair transplant in a single day can also take advantage of mega sessions offered by the clinic which can provide with 4000 grafts in one day.

Extraction of Grafts

Follicular transaction rate , which is at times referred as FTR, makes FUE technically hard with the higher frequency of cutting of hair roots while extracting grafts. It can lead permanent loss of hair. The generally established FTR for most of the cases is around 20-30% at various transplant centers. This indicates the fact that nearly 400 to 600 grafts get wasted with transplantation of every 2000 grafts. However, proficient and efficient medical team at Kyra Clinic has achieved an FTR below 5%, which makes Kyra Clinic the best in India due to high reduction in wastage. This clearly refers that you actually spend 20%-25% less and you also save your precious hair.

Counting of grafts

At Kyra clinic, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. To ensure transparency of the procedure, all our hair transplant patients are given grafts. This is in contrast to many other transplant centers, where patient lose about 25-30% money just due to the uncounted grafts given for transplant.

Hair Follicle Vs. Graft

There are many hair transplant clinics in India who charge the cost of hair transplantation based on transplantation of per hair. Here at Kyra Clinic, we value our relationship with customers and help every customer seek best ways to ensure value for money. This is the reason why we charge on the basis of each hair follicular unit, FU. (One follicular unit consists of one to four hair. So, on an average two hair per follicle).

Kyra Advantage

By combining the extraction from scalp and body in one session, we plan the procedure and work carefully to give you up to 5000-6000 grafts. Therefore, we help to cover the large areas in just one session of a combination of two sessions spread over two consecutive days for the ease of the patient.

Body Hair Transplant

In addition to transplanting the hair on scalp, our dedicated doctors have broad experience in restoring hair in chest, eyebrows, beard, moustache, etc.

Stable Team

Our stable team is our core strength. Unlike many other hair transplant centers with on call staff, our stable team acts as our strength of character. Our permanent team comprises of more than 10 members who are highly skilled and experienced. Our team members work persistently before, during, and after the surgery to ensure excellent results and optimum care of the patient.


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